Roland Barthes describes punctum as the meaning beneath the surface in a photograph. It is the  element in a photograph that “pricks” or “wounds” the viewer. The absence of punctum results in a neutral reaction to a photograph, rather than the passionate response that the presence of punctum elicits. Punctum, then, “is a kind of subtle beyond – as if the image launched desire beyond what it permits us to see.” 


I am a 60+ year old guy that has enjoyed photography my entire life with the normal peaks and valleys of interest along the way. I am in a constant state of frustration…wanting to go out out and shoot more, but too busy, not motivated enough or not inspired enough. I want to learn more about the camera’s capabilities and settings, lighting, Lightroom and Photoshop, but do not always have the patience to read and experiment. I see others great work (including my son, Matt) and want to quit, then realize that I should be inspired to learn instead. So the battle goes on.

My father got me started, giving me his Korean War era Nikon camera, which I still have. I fondly remember, but don’t necessarily miss, film, my Vivitar enlarger, the chemicals and the makeshift darkrooms I created. I do miss my father.

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I fell in love with photography with a point-and-shoot Pentax when I studied abroad in Athens, Greece in 2008. I have  since upgraded do a Nikon D70 (a hand-me-down from my  dad), but am  saving up for that next camera purchase. By day, I am a child psychologist and supervisor at a community mental health clinic. On the weekends, I go  go on photo adventures to new spots in Los Angeles or national parks, and if he is lucky, out of the country. Photography gets me in a flow state and provides a nice escape. I particularly likes nature photography, patterns and shadows, and overlooked details. 

Follow my  personal photos on Instagram.

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