Dad’s Trip to the Bay Area | 9/25/2022

For some time now, my Dad and I have talked about going on a short photo adventure together. This past weekend, he came to visit me in Oakland and we were able to explore a bit with our cameras. My partner and I showed him around Point Reyes in Marin, which never disappoints, and then around Redwood Regional right in our backyard. We even had a close encounter with Tule Elk! Unfortunately, Karl the Fog ruined our Golden Gate Bridge night outing... so we'll try that one again next time!

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Lassen National Park8/15/2022

Although parts of the park smelled like rotten eggs (sulphur!), Manzanita Lake is one of the prettier spots Chels and I have camped thus far. The sunset was gorgeous, the water was still, the stars were out, and we even heard a ranger talk about fire! Highly recommend. Maybe one day we'll own our own paddle boards and kayak. 

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Crater Lake, Mount Rainier, and Olympic National Park | August 2021

We went on a road trip north from Oakland and did a three national park loop. On the way to Crater Lake, we hit up Burney Falls. Unfortunately, the visibility at Crater Lake was poor due to fires in the area. That said, it was most definitely a sight to see. It was hard to take in the magnitude of the place. From Crater Lake, we went to Mount Rainier, which was beautiful. The wildflowers juxtaposed with the mountains was the highlight. Then we hugged the amazing Oregon/Washington coastline on the way to Olympic National Park. To this day, Rialto Beach is one of the most magical places I have ever been. The forest sits on top of the beach, and the fog rolling in made it ethereal. After camping in what felt like Jurassic Park, we checked out Hoh Rainforest, which I had always wanted to visit after hearing a podcast about its natural soundscape, free of human noise pollution and one of the "quietest" places around. There was a certain energy in the rainforest that no picture can do justice. After a pitstop in Portland for some delicious donuts and treating ourselves to a cute bed and breakfast in Ashland, we made our way back home.        

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